Starting from June 2020 the collaboration between DNAPhone Srl and Biosystems SA begins!

Biosystems, founded in Barcelona in 1981, offers a wide variety of high quality instruments and reagents for laboratories and companies all over the world, both for clinical diagnostics and for Food Quality Control.

DNAPhone develops and implements innovative solutions for the wine sector, in particular for small and medium-sized wineries who want to monitor the quality and production process of their wine internally through precise chemical controls, in total autonomy. and independence.
The company, founded in 2014 by a group of researchers from the University of Parma, produces Smart Analysis, a patented and portable tool for quality control. It was designed in a different way than the analytical tools on the market because from the beginning the company focused on the needs of the small producer, that is to have available, at particular times of the year, the main analytical data on the must and on wine to support the decision-making process in the cellar.
After the first years dedicated to studying the needs and characteristics of the wine market, the platform meets the interest of numerous stakeholders in the sector, both national and international.

Meeting Biosystems SA and DNAPhone in Barcelona. Alessandro Tonelli, Matteo Barozzi (DNAPhone), Pau Vila (CEO BioSystems), Sònia Viladevall (BioSystems), Alessandro Candiani (CEO DNAPhone) and Andrea Nasturzio (DNAPhone).

In June 2020 DNAPhone signs a commercial agreement with Biosystems SA for the distribution of Smart Analysis in the wine sector in the following markets: France, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Romania and USA (through the subsidiary Admeo Inc.).

With this agreement Biosystems wants to reach all types of customers, open new markets and expand its portfolio. In particular, Biosystems aims at a new customer segment, consisting of small to medium-sized wineries that need to monitor their production with a small number of analyzes but who currently outsource the service or use obsolete tools.
In addition, the platform has some unique features, such as the ability to carry out wine color analysis with the CIELab method in an easy, fast and economical way.
This analysis tool offers all wineries a better control of the cellar with immediate, safe and reliable results.

Biosystems SA and Admeo Inc visiting Parma. Margit Svenningsen (Admeo Inc.) with her husband Jorgen Skovbjerg, Alessandro Candiani (DNAPhone), Sònia Viladevall (BioSystems), Matteo Barozzi and Lorenzo Niccoli (DNAPhone).
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