Chemical Analysis of TOMATO AND ITS BY-products

Tomato season is a crucial, short-lived period in which canning companies must be prepared in ensuring continuous, high-quality production. Often, relying on outside laboratories for quality control can be slow and restrictive. To avoid interruptions and maintain consistent operations, it is essential to have an outsourced alternative that allows in-house monitoring of production.

SMΔRT analysis platform

SMΔRT ANALYSIS is the portable, versatile and affordable platform ideal for performing quality control on tomato and its derivatives using reference analytical methods. Our solution ensures accurate and reliable results, enabling continuous and safe monitoring.

SMΔRT ANALYSIS is the compact and patented spectrophotometer that uses fiber optic technology and LED sources, requires no special maintenance, periodic calibration, and allows for guided and simplified procedures.

The device is managed via APP that guides the user through structured procedures, allowing the user to control the instrument, digitally manage analysis results, share them with one click, and update the software automatically.

Our platform offers integrated cloud services that allow storage and backup of analysis results, as well as enabling remote and real-time instrumental diagnostics. 

Analysis kits are pre-infused and pre-calibrated, providing the user with detailed and accurate reporting, as well as complete tracking of all analyses performed. 


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