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17 May WeLab & WeMap: the collection of samples begins

On Thursday 10 and Friday 11 May the Welab & Wemap project has begun.  The students of two classes of “Leonardo da Vinci” high school went to many different points of the Parma torrent to start the project, by collecting the water samples.

Together with them: prof. Marco Bartoli and PhD Erica Racchetti of the University of Parma (Department of Chemical Sciences, of Life and Environmental Sustainability), Alessandro Candiani, CEO of DNAPhone, dr. Alessandro Catellani from the social cooperative Gruppo Scuola and a group of students from the Cinema District for the making of a documentary film.

The samples are taken at the Parma mouth and at the Verdi and Dattaro bridges in the city, the Baganza stream at Via Po and Cinghio bridge in Via Cimabue. They have been analyzed, as well as samples taken from the Viarolo fontanili and the Parma Morta in Mezzani.

It kicks off WeLab & WeMap, an environmental service learning project that involves 35 schools in Parma and its province. The project has been realized thanks to the contribution of the Cariparma Foundation and has been promoted by Liceo Attilio Bertolucci as head of the school network, in collaboration with the University of Parma, and the Officine ON / OFF.

The project will aim to analyze and monitor the quality of rivers, streams, wetlands and wells in the Province of Parma. The schools will become true sentinels of waterways, adopting traits, analyzing them and mapping their quality. The students, for the development of the project, will take advantage of the innovative technology designed and implemented by DNAPhone srl: the We-Lab educational tool, a photometer and portable microscope that interfaces with the tablet and the smartphone and allows to carry out laboratory measurements in the field.


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